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Understanding the ‘Why’ Behind Our Pathfinders Legacy

Discovering the Driving Force of Laboratorios Rubió

Laboratorios Rubió stands not just as a pioneer in the pharmaceutical landscape but as an institution deeply rooted in purpose. We channel our resources, expertise, and commitment into ensuring a better quality of life for the patients. Our foundational beliefs encompass ethics, innovation, and an unwavering dedication to enhancing patient lives. Delve deeper with us into the ‘why’ that underpins every decision at Laboratorios Rubió.

The Foundation: Our Purpose

Ever since our inception in 1968, a fervent commitment to healthcare has driven our every venture. Laboratorios Rubió’s purpose revolves around ensuring that life-saving medications are accessible to everyone regardless of the prevalence. Our dedication remains unyielding, as evident in our efforts and outcomes.

  • Purpose-Driven: Serving medical specialists with top-quality medications, we prioritize treatments for rare diseases and disorders.
  • Building Trust: Over five decades, our rapport with the medical world has grown, reflecting our commitment to healthcare needs.

Ethical Grounding: More Than Just Medicines

In an industry where the stakes are so high, ethical practices are non-negotiable. Laboratorios Rubió strongly commits to these principles, adhering strictly to guidelines like Farmaindustria’s Code of Good Practices. Such guidelines ensure that every step, from research to distribution, is carried out with the utmost integrity.

Also, our journey transcends the boundaries of pharmaceuticals. At the core of Laboratorios Rubió lies an intricate weave of values that define our actions, decisions, and relationships, underscoring our commitment to operate beyond mere business dynamics.

  • Corporate Ethos: Abiding by our ethical principles, we define ourselves through a clear and unwavering corporate identity.
  • Transparent Approach: With our Ethical Channel and Code of Ethics, we solidify our pledge to transparency, ensuring all operations align with our cherished ethical standards

A Partnership with Patients at its Core

At the heart of Laboratorios Rubió’s expansive operations lies our bond with patients. This relationship, nurtured over the years, shapes our research direction, product development, and overall corporate approach, emphasizing our patient-first ideology.

  • Patient-Centric Focus: Our strategies evolve from understanding the nuanced challenges to improving patients quality of life.
  • Patient Education Websites: We have a dedicated website for patients, offering comprehensive information on our various therapeutical areas ensuring they’re informed and empowered in their health journey.

Embracing a Holistic Approach to Health

For Laboratorios Rubió, health transcends medicinal boundaries. Our vision encapsulates a comprehensive health strategy, spanning from diagnostic solutions to clinical nutrition, echoing our belief in holistic well-being.

  • Diagnostics and Nutrition: Our ventures encapsulate clinical nutrition and diagnostic solutions, aiming for all-rounded health.
  • International Presence: Representing 35% of our revenue, our global operations showcase our commitment to universal healthcare.
  • International Certifications: Laboratorios Rubió proudly holds esteemed international certifications, including accreditation from the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration), underscoring our global standards of excellence.

Looking Forward: A Future Rooted in ‘Why’

As Laboratorios Rubió gazes into the future, our path is illuminated by our foundational ‘why’. This guiding light ensures our growth remains tethered to innovation, inclusivity, and the commitment that sparked our journey.

  • Product Prioritization: Geographic expansion doesn’t deter our focus; we prioritize product accessibility across continents.
  • Continued Expansion: Embracing newer markets, we’re on a mission to share our values and expertise with varied global demographics.

Investing in Tomorrow’s Innovations

Innovation is not a destination but a journey for Laboratorios Rubió. This mindset propels our efforts, pushing us to explore, research, and deliver groundbreaking solutions to the world.

  • Research and Development: our sustained investment in R&D&i, enables us to remain at the cusp of healthcare advancements. Also, our subsidiary Products & Technology acts as a ‘patent box’ in order to boost the Laboratorios Rubió R&D&i department. OWL Metabolomics recent incorporation to the Rubió Group we entered the metabolomics sector, whilst aligning our R&D&i efforts.
  • Educational Outreach: Through our continuous education platform Campus Rubió for exclusive use for healthcare professionals, we empower them by providing knowledge for better patient care.

A Sustainable Approach: For the Planet and Its People

At Laboratorios Rubió, our definition of responsibility encompasses more than healthcare; it extends to the planet and its people. We are deeply committed to environmental stewardship and the well-being of our employees. This dual focus on sustainability and human resource development is a cornerstone of our operational ethos.

  • Eco-Friendly Initiatives: We have integrated green practices into our operations. From waste management to sustainable sourcing, every step we take is a stride towards a greener planet.
  • Employee Wellness: We care about our employee’s happiness. We invest heavily in their well-being, offering programs that focus on their physical, mental, and emotional health. After all, a happy team is the backbone of our success.
  • Diversity and Gender Equality: At Laboratorios Rubió, we deeply value diversity in our team, believing that varied perspectives lead to richer innovations and solutions. In line with this belief, we are proudly implementing our Second Gender Equality Plan 2023-2027, furthering our commitment creating an inclusive and balanced workplace for all.

#RubioForTheFuture: Our Commitment to a Greener Tomorrow

Everything we do, from the smallest action to the most significant decision, is driven by sustainability. The #RubioForTheFuture initiative is a testament to this commitment, emphasizing our goal to create a world where the health of the environment and its people are at the forefront.

Championing Sustainable Endeavors Our resolve lies in reducing our environmental impact and fostering a sustainable mindset across all our ventures. Whether it’s our collaboration with Cetácea or our day-to-day practices, we aim to set a gold standard for a sustainable future.

About Laboratorios Rubió

Laboratorios Rubió is an international pharmaceutical company with 100% private capital founded in 1968. Initially, the company’s mission was to market drugs unavailable in Spain at that time as they were treatments for low-prevalence diseases. Over the years, Laboratorios Rubió has invested in R&D and developed more than a dozen drugs, many of which are cutting-edge treatments for specific diseases or disorders. The company also operates in other areas of healthcare, such as diagnostics and clinical nutrition. Also, it is known for its commitment to sustainable investment in R&D. Laboratorios Rubió has agreements with leading partners in more than 60 countries and has important international certifications such as the FDA.

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We want everyone to have access to our medicines wherever they are, regardless of prevalence.
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