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A Culture of Well-being

Our culture
is people

The core of our business culture is people. Our leaders and teams drive our vision with a global mindset, realizing our purpose of improving people’s quality of life. We promote personal empowerment by establishing an environment of trust and accountability.

At Laboratorios Rubió, each person is empowered to make informed decisions and take on commitments within a transparent cultural framework, based on open communication and respect. This creates an agile work environment where collaboration, creativity, and innovation are the foundation of our corporate culture.

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Growing Together

What does it
mean to be Rubió?

At Laboratorios Rubió, our business culture drives innovation, well-being, and an agile dynamic. These principles define us and guide our commitment to the people who work with us and the community.

#WeAre PharmacyPathfinders

We foster an environment of innovation and constant learning among our team, encouraging them to be pioneers in their fields.


We celebrate our collective identity, fostering a team consciousness and sense of belonging among all our employees.


We prioritize the health and well-being of our workers, recognizing that they are the heart of our organization.


We invest in the personal and professional development of our team and promote a business culture of transparency and open communication.


We move at a dynamic pace, applying agile methodologies to adapt quickly and collaboratively to new challenges.

Together We Are a Great Team

Meet our
Outstanding People

Albert Biel
Production and Maintenance Manager
Alba Marin
Controlling Manager
The objective of the project and the creation of the Agile team is to ensure a robust and reliable system that reflects the reality of the factory.
Daniel Ortega
International Sales & licensing-out area manager
Thanks to the support of the team I have had since I started, I have grown a lot professionally. I started as an intern and then joined the staff. It has been a great challenge and I am currently contributing to expanding Rubió’s international business.
Mónica Moraleda
Sustainability Manager
At Rubió, we are committed to being agents of change, for us sustainability is not just a project, it is our way of life to build a better future.
Paula Tresaco
Medical advisor
I feel fortunate to work at Laboratorios Rubió, the closeness among colleagues and collaboration between different departments have accelerated my personal and professional development. Since I arrived, I have learned a lot and feel part of a welcoming and committed community.

For a Better Future

We are #RubióForTheFuture

#RubióForTheFuture encompasses everything from sustainability and diversity to our efforts for the well-being of our employees and a corporate culture of transparency and open communication.

We are committed to creating an enriching and diverse work environment, where happiness and personal and professional growth are priorities. This initiative is our path to a future where the health of the planet and people go hand in hand.

We Believe in Equity

Diversity and Equality

At Laboratorios Rubió, we understand that diversity, equity, and gender equality are essential for an inclusive and enriching business culture. We strive to attract the best talent and ensure that each person can develop their full potential in an environment that embraces and pays attention to their diversity. We are committed to creating a workplace free from discrimination and harassment, where the uniqueness of each person is valued and respected.

We know that having a team composed of people with different cultural and social perspectives enriches us. Our commitment to diversity has a long history, from our First Equality Plan 2018-2023 and continues with our current Second Equality Plan 2023-2027. Thus, we celebrate diversity and gender equality as an essential pillar of our society.

Learn more about our
commitment to diversity

Learn more about our commitment

Our Priority, Your Well-being

We care about the happiness of people

At Laboratorios Rubió, we consider the happiness and well-being of our employees a priority. We offer various benefits to guarantee the best professional and personal experience possible:

Great Place To Work

Our work environment, certified for its excellence, reflects a setting where the happiness of our employees is a priority.

Remote Work and Reconciliation

We optimize the balance between work and personal life with hybrid work, available in roles that allow this mode, for better work-life balance.

Corporate Sustainability

We are committed to sustainability, and adopting environmentally respectful practices.

Well-being and Happiness of Employees

Your health and satisfaction are key in our corporate culture, promoting a healthy and happy work environment.

Career Plan and Professional Growth

We provide continuous opportunities for your professional and personal development, supporting your career aspirations.

We Are Looking for Talent

Hiring Talent

We are looking for people with passion and talent to join our mission at Laboratorios Rubió. Join us if you are ready to face challenges and grow in an innovative environment.

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Hiring Talent

Young Challengers

With our Young Challengers program, we offer young people their first work experience, opening doors in a highly competitive market.

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