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Founded in 1968, Laboratorios
Rubió, at the society's service


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Since 1968


The company has been bringing essential medicines and health products to the market for more than 50 years.

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Laboratorios Rubió was founded in 1968 by brothers Salvador and Pelayo Rubió, who were pharmacists by profession. They set out to market drugs which, as treatments for low-prevalence diseases, were unavailable in our country at the time.

Laboratorios Rubió were pioneers in introducing important and life-changing drugs to Spain. Drugs such as a novel calcium-polystyrene-sulfonate preparation for the treatment of hyperkalaemia, or Rubifen, the first ADHD medication to be available in Spain, have played an essential role in improving survival rates and quality of life.

Since 1968
Commited and honest


The founding principle of Laboratorios Rubió remains true today: our mission is to ensure everyone has access to their medications, wherever they may be and regardless of the disease prevalence. We strive to offer medical specialists much-needed solutions every day, providing medicines that meet the highest quality standards so they can treat patients with low-prevalence illnesses and disorders. Throughout our more than 50 years of history, Rubió ‘s extraordinary ability to understand precisely what health professionals need to enhance their treatment and offer optimal care to their patients has earned the medical community’s respect.


Our commitment to your well-being is in our DNA


We’ll be there before you even realise you need us because you are our priority and we’re with you all the way.


We provide unique, high-quality, added-value solutions, working as a family to build trust and always looking to the future. Together, we are stronger!
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Our mission is to assist
in improving peoples’ quality of life


Today, Rubió has medications on the market which are benchmarks for the treatment of particular diseases or disorders. The company has also ventured into other areas of healthcare, such as diagnosis and clinical nutrition.

One of its trademark features is its commitment to producing its own products: the company’s factory and facilities in Spain occupy almost 3,000 square metres and it keeps an ongoing R&D investment. This ethos allows it to preserve its independence and, therefore, benefit from quick decision-making, considerable flexibility and seamless adaptation to the different markets.

Committed to
a common goal



Pelayo Rubió Rubiralta

Dina Ferreira
I+D+i Director & Medical

Eduardo Carretero
Director of Industrial Operations

Albert Vich
Rx Business Unit Director

Joan Ramon Llonch
Financial Director, IT & HR

Cristina Planellas
Regulatory and Institutional Affairs Director


Pelayo Rubió Rubiralta

Carlos Rubió Badia
Executive President

Guillermo Rubió Badia

Ramón Adell

Joan Ramon Llonch
Financial Director, IT & HR

Guillermo Mur
Member and Legal and Commercial Counsel

International business accounts for
35% of the company’s turnover


Internationally, Laboratorios Rubió has agreements with prestigious partners and holds highly-regarded international certifications, such as the FDA. Its international business accounts for 35% of the company’s turnover and has seen significant growth in recent years.

And all of this has been achieved while maintaining its hallmark qualities: being a 100% family-owned business with a long-term vocation and a highly qualified and committed professional team, with a clear people-centred focus, both internally and externally.

Looking forward, Rubió is committed to the ongoing internationalisation of the company, prioritising its in-house production, and continuing to make much-needed medications available to all, whatever the disorder or illness.

Underpinned by ethical principles,
conduct guidelines and solid corporate criteria


We are proud of the fact that our company operates according to the ethical principles, conduct guidelines and corporate criteria that we have defined over the years.

This Code of Ethics and Conduct has been drawn up to reflect those company values and the way they are applied, ensuring rigour, respect and responsibility in all areas of our work.


Ethical Channel

At Laboratorios Rubió we pursue every day the highest standards of honesty and integrity in all our business and work areas. This effort requires the collaboration of all our employees and stakeholders. To this aim, it is compulsory to report any breach of our Code of Ethics.

The Ethical Channel provides employees and stakeholders related to Laboratorios Rubió a channel to report improper or irregular conduct. This ensures that every situation contrary to ethics, legality, or the regulations that guide our organization is investigated.

The Compliance Committee manages investigations arising from complaints, referring any confirmed cases of misconduct to general management to ensure that appropriate action is taken. Complaints can be made using the form accessed at this link.

Committed to a sustainable future


At Laboratorios Rubió, we know that working to improve human health requires a healthy environment and a sustainable future. As climate change impact is an increasing worldwide public health threat, we work to promote a responsible relationship with the environment that helps people and the planet thrive.

Each action we pursue aims to achieve a better future for all, a will that is present in our “Rubió For the Future”. We strive to act respectfully towards the environment in all our decisions to achieve a sustainable future. Our commitment towards the environment is reflected in our Environmental Policy.

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Home / Laboratorios Rubió
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We want everyone to have access to our medicines wherever they are, regardless of prevalence.
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