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Championing International Growth Through R&D

Laboratorios Rubió is more than just a pharmaceutical brand; it aims to be a beacon of hope in the expansive world of healthcare. Its foundational mission has been resolute: ensuring everyone, regardless of their geographical location or condition prevalence, has access to essential medications. Today, the company has magnified this vision, targeting international growth by leveraging its unwavering commitment to research and development.

Over Five Decades of Excellence in Healthcare

The journey of Laboratorios Rubió is a testament to resilience and innovation, as we have consistently prioritized providing specialized healthcare solutions. It’s not just about offering medications; it’s about ensuring these are of the highest possible quality, especially for treating individuals diseases and disorders and improving patients quality of life.

During 55 years, our reputation has soared. The reason? Our ability to recognize and respond to the evolving needs of healthcare professionals and their unyielding dedication to enhanced patient care, as we believe that every patient should have access to their medication no matter the prevalence. It’s a trust that has been nurtured over decades and is reflected in every pharmaceutical drug, every research initiative, and every patient smile.

Our DNA: Commitment & Well-being

Every company has a driving force, a foundational ‘why’ that propels its actions:

  • Why do we exist? For Laboratorios Rubió, it’s the commitment to well-being. They recognize the anticipatory needs of their stakeholders, aiming to be there even before the expectation arises.
  • How do we achieve this? Through continuous innovation. They’re not just keeping pace with the pharmaceutical industry; they’re setting benchmarks. High-quality, value-added solutions are at the forefront, bolstered by trust, unity, and a forward-looking vision.

Broader Horizons: Expanding Beyond Medication

Laboratorios Rubió has not limited itself to pharmaceuticals, we have ventured into comprehensive health domains, including diagnostics, metabolomics and clinical nutrition. The goal remains unchanged: enhancing quality of life and health outcomes.

A significant differentiation point is our dedication to in-house production, with sprawling manufacturing facilities in Spain, the company has always stressed the importance of quality control. This commitment is further emphasized by our sustained investment in R&D, focusing on product innovation and refinement.

International Development: Stepping Beyond Borders

Globalization has changed the landscape of almost every industry, and pharmaceuticals are no exception. Recognizing the potential of international trade, Laboratorios Rubió has strategically placed its chips on international development. Collaborative partnerships, acquiring global certifications like the FDA, and aligning with internationalization standards have become pillars of this strategy.

Our global footprint is expanding. International trade is no longer a subsidiary branch; it contributes a whopping 35% of the company’s revenue. These figures have been on an impressive upward trajectory over recent years, further validating their international strategies.

It’s worth noting the essence of Laboratorios Rubió amidst our growth. Our core identity remains untouched:

  • A 100% family-owned enterprise, keeping personal touchpoints intact.
  • A long-term vision, ensuring sustainability.
  • A professional team that’s not just qualified but also deeply committed.
  • An unwavering focus on people, both within and outside the organization.

Future-forward, the roadmap is crystal clear. Laboratorios Rubió aims to further internationalize, prioritize proprietary products, and stay true to our foundational mission: medication accessibility for all, irrespective of the ailment or condition.

A Glimpse at the Financial Trajectory

Key Figures (2022):

  • Total Revenue: 107.5 M/€
    • National Revenue: 90 M€
    • International Revenue: 20 M/€

Rapid Growth and Future Projections:

Laboratorios Rubió is a buzzing hub of expansion and growth. The consistent rise in revenue stands as a testament to our success, with a razor-sharp focus on internationalization and R&D, we are breaking new ground in pharmaceutical drug development.

The figures speak for themselves. The revenue for 2022 surged by 38.3%, with significant growth both nationally (15.9%) and internationally (9.6%). Projections for 2023 indicate an expected revenue of 115 M€, a growth of 7.5%.

About Laboratorios Rubió

Laboratorios Rubió is an international pharmaceutical company with 100% private capital founded in 1968. Initially, the company’s mission was to market drugs unavailable in Spain at that time as they were treatments for low-prevalence diseases. Over the years, Laboratorios Rubió has invested in R&D and developed more than a dozen drugs, many of which are cutting-edge treatments for specific diseases or disorders. The company also operates in other areas of healthcare, such as diagnostics and clinical nutrition. Also, it is known for its commitment to sustainable investment in R&D. Laboratorios Rubió has agreements with leading partners in more than 60 countries and has important international certifications such as the FDA.

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We want everyone to have access to our medicines wherever they are, regardless of prevalence.
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