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Laboratorios Rubió and Cetácea: Collaborating for a Sustainable Future

 At Laboratorios Rubió, we firmly believe that a healthier future is a sustainable one. Our actions, commitments, and partnerships, such as our collaboration with Cetácea, are a testament to this belief.

A Commitment to Marine Biodiversity

Marine life forms an integral part of the earth’s ecosystems. Dolphins and whales, in particular, play a crucial role in maintaining the balance of marine biodiversity. While we deeply admire these majestic creatures, we also recognize our responsibility towards their protection and conservation. Our partnership with Cetácea has been a pivotal aspect of this commitment since 2018.

The preservation of biodiversity is one of our foremost goals. Our initiatives range from sponsoring a dolphin to funding several research expeditions aimed at studying and preserving the biodiversity of the Mediterranean. Moreover, we take an active part in corporate volunteer efforts for waste collection on the beaches of Garraf, further reinforcing our commitment to the preservation of marine life.

Given the escalating threats posed by climate change to marine habitats, our collaboration with Cetácea is now more important than ever. It paves the way for us to contribute effectively to the Sustainable Development Goals related to marine life and climate action.

Cetácea’s Conservation Pillars: Research, Education, and Communication

Our partnership with Cetácea is driven by three key pillars: research, education, and communication. They conduct studies related to marine species on the Catalan coast and their habitats, contributing valuable knowledge about the species inhabiting the Catalan coastal waters. These research efforts help us better understand the threats facing these species and what actions can be taken to aid their conservation.

Education is another critical aspect of their work. Cetácea develops training courses, educational talks, round tables, and other activities aimed at educating people of all ages about the importance of preserving the marine environment.

In terms of communication, Cetácea creates campaigns to protect the Mediterranean marine environment, its coastlines, and beaches, and the species that inhabit them. They encourage societal participation in their activities, aiming to instill a sense of active involvement in marine conservation and raising awareness about the need to preserve marine habitats for the future.

#RubióForTheFuture: Our Pledge for a Sustainable Tomorrow

Our sustainability efforts encapsulate every aspect of our operations, decisions, and actions. #RubióForTheFuture is our initiative that reflects this holistic approach. It represents our vision for a world where the wellbeing of our planet and its inhabitants is a top priority.

Driving Sustainable Actions

We are committed to minimizing our carbon footprint and promoting a culture of sustainability through all our endeavors. This is evident in our partnerships, like the one with Cetácea, as well as our in-house operations. Our aim is to be a catalyst for a better, sustainable future.

A Future Where Health and Sustainability Coexist

Our work in the pharmaceutical sector underscores the intricate relationship between human health and environmental health. Climate change, loss of biodiversity, and pollution pose threats to both human health and the ecosystem. With the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change identifying climate change as a critical determinant of future public health, it’s clear that a sustainable future is a prerequisite for preserving human health.

With our resources, innovation, and partnerships, we strive to contribute positively towards a sustainable future.

Joining Hands for a Healthy, Sustainable Future

We welcome everyone to join us in our endeavor to create a sustainable future. Our collaboration with Cetácea represents just one of the ways we are taking action to promote biodiversity, mitigate climate change, and foster sustainability. We encourage you to learn more about our efforts by visiting our website where you cand fin our commitment towards environment.

As we move forward, we aim to further build on our commitments, collaborating with partners to secure a healthy and sustainable future for all.


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