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Laboratorios Rubió and Its Vision Towards an Egalitarian Society

Laboratorios Rubió has demonstrated a solid and sustained commitment over time to building an egalitarian society. Their vision not only focuses on professional excellence but also strives to ensure a just society where all individuals have equal opportunities. This dedication is evident in tangible actions, such as food donations, their support for quality education, and their efforts to preserve the fauna and flora of the Mediterranean, among others.

This holistic approach and genuine concern for human well-being and environmental care position Laboratorios Rubió as more than a company: a true agent of change in society. This vision is part of the #RubióForTheFuture initiative through which Laboratorios Rubió reflects its commitment to a better future for all and a healthy, habitable planet.

In line with their long-term commitment, Laboratorios Rubió has forged meaningful partnerships with third-sector entities to achieve significant impact. One of these notable collaborations is with “Empieza por Educar”, an organization tirelessly fighting for egalitarian education and equal opportunities.

The Connection Between Laboratorios Rubió and Empieza por Educar

In a world that cries out for equal education and equal opportunities, Laboratorios Rubió has taken a step forward with its significant collaboration with Empieza por Educar (ExE). This alliance is not just a momentary collaboration but represents a shared vision of a better world.

The ExE Program is an initiative tirelessly working to ensure that everyone, irrespective of their background or circumstances, has access to quality education. Laboratorios Rubió, with its enduring commitment, has financially contributed to enhancing this program, recognizing that education is the cornerstone of an egalitarian society.

But this is not the only effort on their path to a more just society. Laboratorios Rubió has demonstrated a strong commitment to various Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the areas of governance, gender equality, sustainability, among others, expressing a corporate philosophy focused on the well-being of society and the planet.

Notable Achievements of Empieza por Educar in the Past Year

Empieza por Educar has made monumental strides in the fight for educational equality. Through its ExE Program, over the past year, the NGO has directly impacted more than 10,000 students, with an 80% success rate for those who have stayed with the program, continuing their education instead of dropping out prematurely.

This transformation has been fueled by proactive partnerships with organizations like Laboratorios Rubió. Thanks to this collaboration, 45 schools have been established in disadvantaged communities, providing a robust platform for young people to reach their full potential.

Additionally, through joint efforts, 300 trained professionals have been incorporated into these educational institutions, ensuring that each student has access to quality education. These numbers are not just figures; they represent changed lives, fulfilled dreams, and a giant leap towards a society where every individual has equal opportunities.

Synergy with Other NGOs and Laboratorios Rubió’s Holistic Vision

While the collaboration with ExE is pivotal, Laboratorios Rubió has woven a network of alliances with NGOs that share its vision for sustainable development and social equity.

Such partnerships signify a genuine commitment to creating a better world, where every action matters and where small contributions can bring about significant changes in society.

Laboratorios Rubió has determined that improving today’s world is a shared mission. Thus, they not only collaborate with ExE but also extend their support to various third-sector entities. Corporate Social Responsibility is fundamental in their strategy, as they grasp the importance of equitable and sustainable development.

Thanks to this perspective, entities like La Marató de TV3 and Fundació Banc dels Aliments, Associación Cetácea, among others, have found in Laboratorios Rubió a dependable ally, making a difference in social and environmental issues.

NGOs with Which Laboratorios Rubió Has Collaborated

On its path towards sustainability and social welfare, Laboratorios Rubió has partnered with various entities committed to causes that aim to make the world a better place.

  • Fundación Estimia: Together, they sought to improve the quality of life for people with functional diversity. Integration activities like painting symbolized their commitment to diversity.
  • Banc de Sang: Laboratorios Rubió has supported this public entity, encouraging its employees to make blood donations and thereby help save lives.
  • La Marató de TV3: The collaboration involved monetary donations to support campaigns raising funds for rare diseases.
  • Red Cross: Donations of food and essential products were made to aid those in vulnerable situations.
  • TEMS: In a Christmas collaboration with TEMS, toys were donated to different NGOs.
  • Fundació Banc dels Aliments: For four consecutive years, food was donated to combat food poverty.
  • Charitable Corporate Events: Through events like “Intercompany Games” and “Women’s Race“, funds were raised for various NGOs.
  • Cetácea: Laboratorios Rubió backed marine conservation of the Mediterranean, sponsoring a dolphin and promoting activities for the Mediterranean Sea.

Each collaboration has been a significant step towards Laboratorios Rubió’s goal of building a more sustainable and just future, showcasing that collective action can lead to real change. 

Contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The SDGs cover a range of critical areas, from education and health to sustainable energy and infrastructure. They represent a global ambition to craft a future where everyone flourishes in harmony with the planet. Laboratorios Rubió is no stranger to this call. In fact, through their strategy and actions, they actively contribute to SDGs, reaffirming their commitment to a more equitable and sustainable tomorrow.

#RubióForTheFuture: More Than a Slogan, a Promise

Under the slogan #RubióForTheFuture, Laboratorios Rubió has charted a path towards sustainability and equality. This vision goes beyond business, delving into the essence of what it means to be a responsible entity in today’s world.

Collaborations with organizations such as Fundación Estimia, Banc de Sang, and Red Cross in Spain reveal that their focus isn’t limited merely to equal education but encompasses a broader spectrum of sustainable development goals.

Every action, whether it’s a blood donation or a contribution to Mediterranean flora and fauna research, represents a step towards a future where human welfare and environmental care coexist harmoniously.

A Path to the Future

Laboratorios Rubió doesn’t merely seek excellence in their professional field. With initiatives like #RubióForTheFuture, they position themselves as agents of change in society. Their partnership with Empieza por Educar is a testament to their desire to construct a world where equal education becomes a reality.

 In an era where actions speak louder than words, Laboratorios Rubió demonstrates that companies can, and should, play a pivotal role in shaping a sustainable and equitable future.


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