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A Legacy of Pharmaceutical Innovation: Laboratorios Rubió Awarded with the Premi de la Reial Academia de Farmàcia de Catalunya 2023

Since its founding in 1968, Laboratorios Rubió has been a beacon of innovation in the pharmaceutical industry. As a family-owned international company, it has focused on developing new medications, particularly for minority diseases. This year, our unwavering commitment to research and development (R&D) was recognized with the prestigious Premi de la Reial Academica de Farmàcia de Catalunya for 2023.

The Legacy of Laboratorios Rubió 

Foundation and Family Values 

Laboratorios Rubió was founded on principles of integrity, innovation, and patient-centered care. The company’s journey from its humble beginnings to becoming an international player is a testament to its dedication to advancing healthcare.

R&D: The Cornerstone of Progress 

At the heart of Laboratorios Rubió’s success lies its robust R&D framework. The company has continuously invested in cutting-edge research, focusing on developing drugs for minority illnesses often overlooked in conventional pharmaceutical research.

Achieving a Milestone: the Premi de la Reial Academica de Farmàcia de Catalunya 

The recent accolade of Laboratorios Rubió, the Premi de la Reial Academica de Farmàcia de Catalunya, is not just an award; it’s a recognition of decades of perseverance and breakthroughs in medical science. The receival of this award by our CEO, Pelayo Rubió, is a moment of pride and a symbol of our future aspirations.


The Impact of Laboratorios Rubió’s Innovations 

Transforming Patient Lives 

The company’s focus on minority illnesses has led to the development of drugs that offer new hope to patients with rare conditions.

A Global Vision for Healthcare 

Laboratorios Rubió’s global presence is not just a commercial expansion, but also a means to disseminate innovative healthcare solutions and improve patient quality of life worldwide.

Remarkable Growth and Global Expansion 

In 2023, Laboratorios Rubió achieved a turnover of 131 million euros, representing a growth of 170.6% over three years. With a team of 259 employees and a strong international presence in more than 70 countries, our self-financed company continues to make significant strides in the pharmaceutical industry.

Our expansion includes major acquisitions such as Fisiopharma (2021) and Rubió Metabolomics (2023), and the creation of subsidiaries for market expansion in the USA (2022) with CIMA Sciences and Italy (2023) with Rubió Nutraceuticals, as well as R&D arm with Products & Technology established in 2014.

This strategic growth, along with our annual R&D investment, has resulted in the commercialization of more than 10 proprietary drugs, marking an interannual growth of 10,6% over the last four years.

The Legacy of Laboratorios Rubió 

Laboratorios Rubió is part of the life sciences and healthcare sector in Catalonia, which, according to the 2022 Catalonia Bio Region Report, encompasses more than 1350 companies and 91 research entities, significantly contributing to the region’s economy with an 8.7% impact on Catalonia’s GDP. This robust ecosystem is a testament to Laboratorios Rubió’s dedication to advancing healthcare in a highly competitive environment.

The pharmaceutical industry in Catalonia, where Laboratorios Rubió has been a standout performer, accounted for 47% of the total sector turnover in 2021, demonstrating the substantial economic impact of the industry. This context underscores the importance of Laboratorios Rubió’s recent accolade in a highly competitive and thriving industry.

The Impact of Catalan Pharmaceutical Sector Innovations 

Laboratorios Rubió’s focus on rare diseases aligns with Catalonia’s strong commitment to healthcare innovation, where investment in healthcare startups and scale-ups reached almost 450 million euros in 2022, with over 75% coming from venture capital, reflecting a vibrant and supportive ecosystem for pharmaceutical innovation.

With Catalonia housing 46%, as per the Evercom report on the Catalan Pharmaceutical Industry, of all drug production plants in Spain, and Laboratorios Rubió being a key player in this sector, the future holds immense potential for further innovative developments in pharmaceutical R&D.

The region’s growing Foreign Direct Investment, totaling 689 million euros between 2018 and 2022 and creating over 2900 jobs, highlights a prosperous environment conducive to innovative ventures like those undertaken by Laboratorios Rubió.

Focused on the Future of Healthcare 

Looking to the future, Laboratorios Rubió is poised to continue our path in pharmaceutical R&D. With a mix of an innovation-driven culture and modern scientific approaches, we as a company are ready to face the future challenges of healthcare. Therefore, we look forward to continuing our journey in improving patient outcomes through innovative pharmaceuticals.

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