Spheres of activity

Laboratorios Rubió’s activity is structured across two major business areas: Pharma and OTC Consumer Health.


The company has a wide formulary of drugs, focussing mainly on treatment in the areas of Nephrology, the Central Nervous System, and Urology, Rheumatology, Cardiovascular Risk and Gynaecology. The company manufactures and sells drugs that are previously established on the market, and enjoy a robust reputation, while at the same time it launches new products arising both from its own development efforts as well as those of third party partners. This area also covers medical devices and diagnostic tests.


Laboratorios Rubió’s patient self-care line offers nutritional solutions to cover a wide range of needs. Using their RS brand for healthy recommendations, Laboratorios Rubió sells five product families (sports, women, beauty, children and probiotics). These have been developed in order to improve a person’s well-being and meet the growing demand created by a population that is interested in maintaining a healthy and balanced diet.