The company’s R&D&i is based on developing projects both internally and externally. One example of this is the creation in 2013 of a platform for the development of new pharmaceutical formulations in the pilot plant and the subsequent approval of Laboratorios Rubió as the manufacturer of the investigational medicinal product by the AEMPS. Strategic alliances have also been formed with renowned university and research centres, along with the co-development of new products with different companies within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors. This is the case of Biosfer Teslab, who are involved in the development and launch onto the market of Liposcale, an advanced lipoprotein test based on 2D magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technology, to measure the size and number of particles of the major classes of lipoprotein (VLDL, LDL and HDL), as well as the concentration of particles of nine subclasses (large, medium and small) for each of the main classes.

Today, 73% of sales are the result of our own developments, which shows the company’s decisive commitment to research.