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3rd Day Advanced Lipidology

Cardiovascular diseases continue to be one of the main health problems in developed countries. In Spain they are responsible for 29.66% of all deaths, according to the latest data from the National Institute of Statistics (2014). These data indicate the need for independent and quality forums in which, from a practical perspective, they can improve the daily clinical practice of the specialists involved and facilitate the management of the disease, as well as the prevention of complications.

For these reasons, as part of our commitment to continuing medical education for the improvement of public health, Laboratorios Rubió, part of the Foundation for Research and Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases (FIPEC), has been organizing an advanced program of Update on treatments and knowledge in lipidology. These days have resulted in a pragmatic instrument of high quality for the continuous improvement of daily clinical practice. The third day took place the weekend of May 19 to 20 at the Parador de la Granja de Segovia, housing a total of 30 specialists who attended the presentations of 7 reference specialists to analyze the situation of patients with dyslipemia And assess existing treatments in the market.

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