Day of update in dyslipemias: advances in diagnosis, treatment and application to the work environment

June 2017 – The Ministry of the Presidency and for the Territorial Administrations, in collaboration with the company Suministros Hospitalarios Clinifarma and with Laboratorios Rubió, held on 22 June a Day of updating in dislipemias in the dependencies of the Moncloa. About 100 doctors who are experts in cardiovascular risk were interested in the latest changes in the sector.

The day was moderated by Dr. Gregorio Gil López, head of the medical cabinet in the Ministry of the Presidency; and counted as speakers with Dr. José Antonio García Donaire, Nephrologist researcher of the Biomedical Foundation of the San Carlos Clinical Hospital; and with Dr. Vicente Pallarés Carratalá, doctor specialized in family and community medicine. After an update on the systems for diagnosis, prevention and treatment of dyslipidemias, the LIPOSCALE test was presented as a new Advanced Test of Lipoproteins capable of improving the evaluation of the cardiovascular risk of patients.