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Laboratorios Rubió is a company that is currently undergoing a process of expansion and growth. In the last 5 years, the continued advances are an indication of the hard work put in, and the implementation of a strategy (2014-2018) that shifts the focus towards identifying new business segments, opening new markets and signing distribution agreements with other companies in the pharmaceutical sector.

In 2017, revenue reached € 30,7 million, which is 20,1% more than in 2016. By market, the increase in Spain was one of 21,1%, with 0,9% growth in exports.

If we compare 2017 with the 2014 period, the increase in revenue is 47%, with 59% corresponding to the national market, and 7% to the international market.

The growth we hope to achieve in 2018 is 15,2%, which is brought about by sales in the national market.



The company’s staff is made up of 148 people—15,6% more than in 2014—with the greatest amount of growth happening in the sales and industrial operations departments.

Laboratorios Rubió is a company that places its trust in the people who make up its organisation, recognises their professional value and dedicates resources to ensure that a good working environment is maintained by fostering opportunities, personal development and a good work-life balance.


In the last 5 years, including the 2018 budget, total investment reached € 8,9 million, of which € 2.9 million are industrial investments, € 857 thousand have been invested in to IT and new technology and € 5,2 million into different projects such as the development of new pharmaceutical formulations, sales agreements in the US with an American partner, and the liposcale project with our investee company, Biosfer.

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