Committed to health

We are a committed, professional and innovative company that bears its beginnings as a family business as its hallmark, along with everything that this entails in terms of continuity of the business venture and long-term vision. With our focus on low prevalence diseases, we are proud to carry out our work in the field of healthcare, and to assist in improving peoples’ quality of life. This vocation for serving society forms a part of our corporate culture and is reflected in each and every one of our actions.

In our nearly 50 years of experience in the field, we have maintained a process of constant growth based, primarily, on our ability to innovate, on robust international expansion and on the establishment of partnerships both for research and distribution The key to our success also lies, in part, with the work of our cohesive and experienced team with whom we share our vision for the future. All this keeps us looking to the future with confidence and energy. It helps us move forward with strong, decisive steps. With passion.